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I sincerely hope you join me on this journey to Destination Love~Me~More. I promise it will be interesting, enjoyable, fun and quite possibly life changing. Let’s travel there together…

xoxo Cheryl

Destination: “Love~this~TEAM” more!

So, you’ve got an amazing team in place that you’re ready to inSpire. Now what?!

How about offering that amazing team an opportunity to work directly with someone who can deliver impactful, practical, fun and truly life-changing tools that will unite them and impact your business in exciting and positive ways?

Cheryl Paoletti has been working in as a business consultant in corporate America for over 30 years. With specialties in strategic planning, leadership and management development, she has successfully inspired her clients to adopt a more fulfilled way of growing, every day, both personally and professionally.

Cheryl knows the secret: When people are fulfilled at work, they are more productive and the company becomes more successful.

How Does She Do It? Cheryl works with groups of 5 to 100 people with a focus on:

a) Delivering collaborative results

b) Illustrating how every person on the team carries an important piece of the business with them

c) The importance of the 4 C’s… communication, collaboration, cooperation and communication again.

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It’s time for you to engage with YOU.  What are you waiting for?!

Cheryl Paoletti has been a business strategy consultant and executive life coach for decades. Her extensive client list includes a diverse group of people who are key players in corporations around the globe.

For a limited time, Cheryl will be offering Destination Love~Me~More individual coaching sessions. Together, we will map out the road to your own personal fulfillment with Cheryl’s tried-and true mapping system.

Destination Love~Me~More’s primary focus is You. Get ready to start enjoying, embracing and loving your life first… then just watch how it carries over to others!

Cheryl’s easy, abundant tools and mantras may just be the ticket to getting past a few of life’s challenges.

Connect with Cheryl today to take the first steps toward loving yourself more every day!

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